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Parent Opinion Surveys

Every year, Highvale surveys a random parent sample. They provide anonymous feedback to us about their opinions for the school. The anonymous nature allows them to be more open then they may normally be. Below are a selection of comments from our 2010 parent opinion survey.
“Having undergone a difficult year at another school, I am constantly amazed and extremely happy with the support and help provided to my child and myself by the teachers and especially the Principal. My child is making good progress thanks to their dedication, support and being non-judgemental.”
“We as a family are proud to belong to the Highvale family. The school shows very high standards of welfare, concern and dedication to the students. Mr Richardson and staff you all do a really good job at teaching and supporting our children. Thank you.”
“Highvale is a wonderful community school. The teachers seem excited to be teaching my children and are always full of enthusiasm. Any problems I have ever had have been dealt with quickly and fairly. We changed to this school last year and we all couldn't be happier.”
“I am very impressed with the progress made on the facilities at Highvale Primary. The management and leadership style at the school also seems under control and most welcome.”
“I feel the school as a whole has a good open approach. I believe the teachers make a huge impact specifically the newer ones. Overall I am happy with my child at Highvale”
“This is a very good school. Principal and teachers and all other staff are very committed. I have no regret transferring my children to this school.”
“The Principal plays a good leading role at the school. He has implemented some fun and interesting ways to learning such as the digital excellence program and restorative practices.”
“Highvale PS is a wonderful school. My son is very happy there. The staff deserve praise for all their hard work.”
“We are very happy with Highvale. We have always found staff approachable and supportive. Our child is settled, learning and happy.”

Direct Parent Feedback

The parents get involved in the school and the kids seem to progress well. There are safe surroundings. The kids are more like people than numbers in a school of this size.
Geoff Mace
Highvale's prep program has provided both my children a great start to their schooling. They've learnt an amazing amount and been provided with great care and support to get them settled into school life. The interaction they have with children across many year levels has really helped them feel part of the school.
Rachael Spicer
When we migrated in 2009 we had a look at different websites of Primary schools and Highvale was one of those website which looked very good. The information is clear and when we came to Melbourne and had a tour around the school the good feeling was still there. The school is small and all the children know each other well. Our child is very happy here.
Wilma Koops 
“There’s no main roads to cross. We tossed up with another school, but we’d heard Highvale had a good name.”
– Eugene Fitzwilliam