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English is taught as an essential component of our literacy program. Students particpate in a daily two hour literacy block, comprised of reading, writing and speaking and listening. 
Grammar, punctuation and spelling are taught explicitly as part of our literacy block.  Our teaching methods are informed by the research based Early Years and Middle Years programs and the work of Donald Graves who developed the "7 Conditions for Effective Writing".  
Learning is supported through the use of visual and hands on aides such as Writers Notebooks, word lists, sound charts, guided reading texts, interactive whiteboards, iPads, netbooks and computers.
Our program also incoprporates the use of our wonderful outdoor learning environment where teachers and students regularly utilise areas of our 'learnscape'. Students are often involved in engaging literacy tasks, including cooking after growing vegetables in our Sanctuary, writing recipes and working collaboratively utilising speaking and listening skills to cook a delicious meal.