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Enrichment and Support

To achieve their best, we believe that each student in every classroom requires explict teaching, modelling of skills and behaviours and regular meaningful feedback. At Highvale there is an emphasis on knowing each child's strengths, abilities and areas for improvement. We have a strong focus on catering for individual needs in the classroom as this is where students spend the majority of each day. To maximise the effectiveness of daily teaching the school invests heavily in an ongoing professional learning program for all teachers.  
Enrichment and Extension
Our classroom programs are designed to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to inquire. Each classroom is a place where learners are encouraged to pose questions, investigate possible solutions, make choices, work collaboratively as well as independently and most importantly, where learners are encouraged to think more deeply for themselves. Students with special talents prosper through an individualised program and rich open ended learning tasks.  High performing students of similar ability often work together and participate in enrichment programs such as G.A.T.EWAYS, Waverley Links Enrichment and Leadership Program, Instrumental Music and Band, Chess and Active Art.
Year 6 students can also participate in “scholarship” classes before school two mornings a week to extend themselves or to assist their efforts to gain secondary college scholarships.

In instrumental music, high achievers can progress beyond standard levels. Individual music tuition offers the flexibility for students to develop skills at their own pace and gives superior abilities the freedom they need to flourish.

Those with sporting prowess at Highvale can progress to regional and Victorian levels in cross-country, football and athletics. Our German program also offers the challenge of statewide competitions – in which Highvale students are regularly successful – and children can also participate in leadership courses.

Intervention and Additional Support
When students do require extra assistance, intervention programs both in and out of the classroom are utilised.  
Individual Learning Plans are designed for all students who require extra support or enrichment/extension. Where possible, Education Support Staff work with the classroom teacher to provide additional support. Our support programs also include individual attention through specialist teaching staff such as our Reading Recovery teacher who works with children individually to assist them to reach required standards. In addition, Highvale also supports students through Bridges, an intervention program specifically differentiated to assist students in the early years and middle years. This extra effort contributes to Highvale’s consistently high academic results.