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Integrated Inquiry

Our teachers create inquiring classrooms, which are places where learners are regularly encouraged to ask questions, investigate possible solutions, make choices, work collaboratively as well as independently and, most importantly, where learners are encouraged to think more deeply for themselves.

Integrated Inquiry units are designed to assists students to 'understand the world in which they live'. Each unit provides opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they learn during literacy, numeracy, science, the humanities, the arts and other learning domains to action and solve real problems. Each unit is designed around a broad focus question or statement to promote high order thinking and encourage students to pose questions. 

Our whole school ‘Learning to Learn’ inquiry unit is taught across the school at the start of Term one each year. This unit provides a vital opportunity for the development of relationships and a classroom culture of respect, co-operation and positive behaviours. The understandings developed through this unit inform the expectations for the year and are regularly revisited and further developed when required to promote a positive, consistent learning environment.

Environmental Education
Throughout our school there is a focus on the importance of caring for our environment. Our learning programs utilise the wonderful ‘learnscape’ our school community has created. Our Highvale Sanctuary and Butterfly Trail are used to assist students to develop an appreciation of their role in caring for our world and sustainability.