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Mathematics is taught as a core component of our numeracy program.  At Highvale each student particpates in at least four explicit, one hour Mathematics  lessons each week.  Our teaching methods are informed by the research based Early Years and Middle Years programs with a focus on explicit teaching and rich tasks.  In addition, the skills and concepts developed during Mathematics lessons are utilised during our Integrated Inquiry units to investigate real life problems and tasks. 
Mathematics is taught through a combination of individual and group 'hands on' learning activities, book work and oral learning.  Learning is supported through the use of visual and hands on aides such such as interactive whiteboards, iPads, netbooks, computers, counting frames and Mathematical Attribute Blocks.
Our program also incorporates the use of our wonderful outdoor learning environment where teachers and students regularly utilise our on site Sanctuary, Butterfly Trail and other areas of our 'learnscape' to complete rich mathematical tasks.