Prep Program

Your child needs a sound start in the first year of schooling where the foundations of positive attitudes, self-esteem, a sense of achievement and a love of learning are established.

Our varied program is designed to cater to the needs of all children so that they are able to proceed at their own pace. The Prep program features:
  • An understanding of the wide range of abilities and maturity with which children start school
  • A focus on individual needs and learning requirements so that:
    • more able children are extended
    • extra support is given to children who are experiencing difficulties
  • A strong emphasis on literacy through a fully implemented ‘Early Years Literacy’ program
  • Early Years Numeracy program
  • Strongly encouraged parent involvement
  • Specialist Performing Arts, Visual Art, PE and Library programs
  • The development of key skills such as co-ordination, memory, spatial awareness and confidence through a Fundamental Motor Program
  • Intensive swimming program
  • German & Mandarin Languages programs
  • Classroom desktop computers, ipads in every room, laptops, interactive whiteboards and access to other multi-media tools
  • Before/After School and Vacation Care program which caters for the early finish at the start of the Prep year