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A conversation about Sustainability and Challenge Based Learning (CBL)

posted 19 Jun 2013, 19:31 by Highvale Administration
Throughout Term 2 all students have been learning about the concept of Sustainability.  This term the Level 4 focus has been ‘Effects on our environment – Natural and man made disasters’.  This week I was fortunate enough to have a focus group meeting with Jadon, Lachie, Angelina and Monica from Level 4 who shared some of their thoughts about CBL.  It was a very insightful conversation and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Below are some of my questions and comments made by our L4 students:


What do you think of Challenge Based Learning?

·         “It’s fun because we get to work with other kids across our level”.

·         “I like the freedom we have to pick our own challenges and be creative.”

·         “It’s good because we get the chance to learn from each other.”

·         “It means that everyone has to take part and do their best to be successful.”

What have you learnt?

·         “We have learnt about roles. In our groups we have roles so we can work together. The Manager makes sure everything is done on time and in the right way. The Accountant collects the money to fund the group and buy the right resources. The Marketing person makes the ads and the sales pitch.”

·         “Lots of Maths. Our group did a budget and we also had to work out the cost so we could work out our profit. We had to use a lot of multiplication, division and thinking.”

·         “There are many different types of natural disasters and some are man made.”

·         “An oil spill is man made.  An earthquake or a tornado isn’t but they both can affect the environment.”

What is sustainability?

·         “It’s looking after things like our environment.”

·         “Making sure we don’t cut too many trees so we can breathe and working out ways to look after what we have.”

·         “It’s about recycling and reusing so we can keep things longer.”

·         “Yes, it’s about using things properly and not wasting them so that people in the future can have them too.”

What about technology?

·         “We use it a lot during CBL. We use it to research and check facts. We might look at Wikipedia and check a fact on a website like Australian Geographic.”

·         “We use Google and Safari to search for websites.”

·         “I like using the calculator app because I can use it and search at the same time. It’s very easy.”

·         “We are also starting to learn about using the iMac.  We have had a look at iBook and we want to make them so we can upload them for our parents to see our real work.”