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A Student Leadership Chat - Featuring: JAI (School Captain)

posted 18 Nov 2012, 17:02 by Highvale Administration
What have you enjoyed most about your role as School Captain?

Jai – That I get the chance to be a good leader especially for the Kinder- Prep transition program and at assembly.


What have you enjoyed most about school this year?

Jai – Being a School leader and being a Year 6 student.  It gives you the chance to lead with a group of people.  It’s fun!


What do you value most in yourself?

Jai – The fact that I have a lot of friends.  We help each other and it helps us all to achieve our best.


What have you valued most about your time as a student at Highvale Primary School?

Jai – That this a smaller school so you get to know everybody.  The community feel that it has and the openness of the people who are here helps you feel more at home.  That helps you to achieve your best and not be shy.  You can be open and proud and achieve your best in anything you do.


What are you looking forward to next year?                                      

Jai – Probably just the different things at high school.  A different timetable, lockers and the chance to meet and make new friends.


Do you have any ideas regarding your dream job in the future?

Jai – I want to be either the first person on Mars or an electrical engineer.