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Preparing for 2017 - What is Student Transition?

posted 11 Sep 2016, 18:54 by Highvale Administration   [ updated 13 Nov 2016, 15:41 ]

Student transition involves the programs, processes and opportunities used to support students entering, moving through and exiting our school.  Our transition program supports students transitioning:


  • Into school – ‘Kinder – Prep’ and new student enrolments from P-6

  • Through school - As each student progresses through each Year level and

  • Exiting the school - Year 6 to Year 7


    Why is a transition program important?

Each student’s life experience is different.  As shown in last week’s newsletter, our students come from many different cultural and language backgrounds as well as a variety of family structures.  Each child will have developed a range of skills and abilities that form the basis of their positive school experiences and ability to adapt to new situations.

Throughout each child’s school journey the various stages of transition create periods of change for the child and their family. These periods can be both challenging and exciting.  The aim of our transition program is to support each student to make every transition as smooth as possible. It is important to understand that the preparation for each stage of transition starts well before students take their next step and is supported through a combination of special and whole school programs.


How does Highvale P.S support students through the transition phases?

Student transition is most successful when:

  • Each student’s sense of belonging at school is strong

  • Processes are in place to build familiarity and reduce anxiety  and

  • Students are supported to build their capacity to adapt positively to change. 


    To develop these characteristics each student is supported to:

  • Develop a strong sense of wellbeing including resilience, confidence and self- esteem and

    Do their personal best and experience personal success. This can be through academic achievement, the development of effective social skills and a sense of accomplishment through the Arts, Languages and Sport and Physical Education.   


    The key components of our comprehensive transition program are ongoing and delivered through our curriculum, whole school teaching practices, special programs, parent information evenings and meetings.  The list provided below is not exhaustive but   

    provides further insight into our multi-dimensional transition program which includes:

  • Evidence based whole school teaching and wellbeing practices which provide familiarity for students as they progress through each year level

  • Whole school Concept Curriculum - Identity, Community, Strength and Wellbeing concepts

  • Whole school Level Science days and Year level Gallery Walks

  • Student goal setting and reflection on achievements

  • Specialised programs

    • August to December Kinder – Prep Transition sessions

    • December Kinder – Prep Orientation morning

    • Whole School Cross Age (P-6) ‘Better Buddies’ program

    • December Year 1-6 Whole School Orientation Morning

    • Year 6-7 Transition

    • December Year 6-7 Orientation Morning

    • Transition Excursions

  • Parent Involvement - Information Nights, Meet and Greet & Parent / Teacher Interviews and meetings

  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program

  • Student leadership programs – Y1-6 SRC Program,  Y5& 6 Young Leaders Program, Y5 LAMP, Y6 Leaders.