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Literacy Walkthrough – Enhancing Learning through Quality Teaching

posted 13 Jun 2013, 21:52 by Highvale Administration

Recently all teaching staff, including the Leadership Team,  worked together in teams to complete our fourth Walkthrough. The focus was our whole school literacy approach. A ‘Walkthrough’ is a strategy which focuses on the specific teaching strategies and tools used across the school in each classroom. The focus is not on teachers as individuals, but as a professional group. As each team walked through our classrooms, we were focused on the effective use of the following:



·          The Reading Workshop

·          Guided Reading and Reciprocal Reading

·          The Classroom Library

·          Explicit teaching of the 6 comprehension strategies:

o    Questions and Questioning, Summarisation, Think Aloud, Prediction and Prior Knowledge, Visual Representation and Text Structure


·          The Writing Workshop

·          Writer’s Notebooks

·          Word Study

·          The 7 Conditions for Effective Writing:

o    Time, Choice, Response, Demonstration, Expectation, Room Structure and Evaluation.


We use walkthroughs so that we can collectively monitor our teaching practices, acknowledge what we are doing well, remind us of areas for improvement and celebrate our achievements.  Each walkthrough provides teachers with opportunities to share and gather ideas to improve their own practice and refocus on what we are collectively trying to achieve.  Importantly, students are actively involved and feedback indicates that the experience is particularly positive.  Students very much enjoy showing off their wonderful work to the teachers who visit their room as well as providing feedback about their learning experience. 


Congratulations to our teachers for their excellent work which is evidenced through the consistently high achievements of our amazing students.