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National German School Film Award 2014 - Vote for our film!

posted 23 Jun 2014, 21:00 by Highvale Administration

Thank you to Frau Salles for recently alerting me to the fact that the Goethe Institute has introduced a new process to select the winners of National German School Film Award 2014.  In the past, Highvale P.S. has won the prize for Best Actors twice which is an amazing achievement for a smaller school.  Due to our success we have been able to compete again in 2014.  


Unfortunately the rules have now changed which will make it difficult for smaller schools to compete successfully.  This year the winning film in the National Award will be chosen by votes from school communities including students, teachers, parents and friends instead of judges as it used to be. 


Everyone from our school community is encouraged to watch the films and vote for your favourite film online from until 4th July 2014. 



Film and Vote