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School Production - Oh What a Night!

posted 10 Sep 2014, 18:13 by Highvale Administration

Congratulations to everybody involved in last night’s Wish Upon a Story production.  It was a wonderful evening of entertainment which show cased the collective talents and commitment of our students, staff and parents.  When planning for the whole school production commenced back in Term 2, staff revisited the key reasons and aspirations for our students which were then carefully interwoven into our planning process and teaching throughout Term 3.  


The production experience aimed to enhance creativity, thinking, personal, social and academic skills. We aspired to make learning purposeful and real to students.  There has been a focus on students using their imagination and planning skills to develop design briefs and bring their ideas to life as they have created their own scenery, props and products to enhance the show.  Students have been encouraged and supported to work together to develop their social skills, build connectedness with each other and learn to work more effectively in teams and larger groups which was evident in their show last night in front of a large audience.      
 None of this could be achieved without the wonderful commitment of our staff, support from parents and effort of our students who have much to celebrate after their superb performance.  I was most impressed by the childrens’ enthusiasm and energy and the way they were so well rehearsed. Feedback from parents after the show has been wonderful and it must have been gratifying to see your children perform so brilliantly.

Thank you to Jane Shaw for your amazing vision and leadership of the production and for teaching the singing and choreography. Thanks to Anne St Clair and Dot Tang who both provided wonderful support to coordinate, sew and prepare costumes often late into the night. Their commitment to this task is amazing.   Thanks also to Lauren McKenna for assisting Jane and working closely with students to create our scenery back drops.


Thank you to our teachers and education support staff who provided terrific support to ensure teaching was engaging and purposeful, practices went smoothly and all the behind the scenes work was accomplished.  Thanks to Jenny Jefferson and Maureen Perry for organising the ticketing. There were also many staff involved with lunchtime practices, props and many other jobs. The staff are to be commended for their dedication to this school wide program. It would not have eventuated without their total support.


Thanks to the very special parents who gave their time and utilised their skills to support staff and students by helping with costuming, photography, scenery back drops, the Wish Upon a Story Program booklet and a plethora of other tasks.  Your efforts have helped to make the show the success it was.


Steve Richardson