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Term 1 @ Highvale Reflection..

posted 27 Mar 2013, 20:11 by Highvale Administration

In the blink of an eye another school term has almost passed us by.  I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all staff to thank our parent community, especially our Parents and Friends Asociation and associated volunteers, School Council and classroom helpers for the fantastic support we have received throughout Term 1. 

It has been an unusual term in some respects for government schools as the stalemate between the state government and the various representatives of employees in the education sector unfortunately continues.

After two years without an agreement being reached, all staff at Highvale remain hopeful that an appropriate resolution will be forthcoming in the short term.

On that note I would like to thank Highvale staff for their outstanding and continued commitment to our students.  Whilst there has been some rescheduling of events and meetings this term, our school has continued to thrive.

The yearly trend of outstanding academic results as measured by our teacher judgments and NAPLAN scores supports the fine work our teachers do every day and the wonderful home/school partnership that exists.  Whilst this is extremely pleasing, great schools do so much more than focus purely on literacy and numeracy results. 

Many members of our school community will be well aware of the significant work our teachers do to develop social skills within our daily teaching through our School Values, restorative practices, the Better Buddy program and school events such school sports, camps and our musical.  Engagment in learning is another significant factor which we constantly look to enhance.  Our whole school approach to teaching with a focus on effective assessment, explicit teaching of concepts and opportunities for students to make choices about their learning are at the core of our collective work.

When writing this piece I reflected upon some of the significant student leadership and extra-curricular opportunities provided for our students beyond the classroom.  At last count they included the following: Waverley Links Enrichment and Leadership program,  Leadership and Multicultural Program (LAMP), Student Representative Council (SRC), Debating Club, HPS Choir, GREEN Team, Active Art, Big Science Little Scientist program, Instrumental Music and Band program and Active After School Communities Sport.  Whilst this list is not exhaustive it certainly reflects the provision of a broad range of opportunities.

Even with all of this, to create a learning environment where students truly value their education and give their best, a strong parental presence and contribution is essential.  I am a strong believer that students value learning more when the significant adults in their life are actively involved and supportive.  The involvement of parents at Highvale is strong and growing.  Our aim is to continue to provide and explore new opportunities for parents and friends to be actively involved in our school.  If you have ideas that you would like to share I would welcome your suggestions.
Steven Richardson, Principal