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Welcome Back

posted 5 Feb 2014, 17:33 by Highvale Administration

Welcome back to the 2014 school year – and what a fabulous year it promises to be.

In particular, welcome to all our new Prep students and families who I know were very excited this morning when they entered their classroom for the first time as ‘real’ school children! I extend a warm welcome to you.

To our new students who have joined us in other Year levels, I welcome you to our school and trust that you will soon feel a part of our community.

Finally, welcome to Mr Marty Gill who joins our teaching staff this year and a welcome return to Mrs Michelle Hayward. Welcome also to Mr Daniel Moldrich and Miss Anna Ng who join our Instrumental Music staff.  A warm welcome to Highvale Primary School to you all.

As part of our two Curriculum Days this week, teacher professional learning focussed on building familiarity with our 2014 School Goals and continual improvement strategies as well as working in collaborative professional learning teams. Our staff professional learning foci this year include:

·         Oral language - which is crucial for literacy development and a key foundation to students’ capacity to learn in most general ways and   

·         Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics.  

Both of these programs are informed by proven, evidence based research.

Look out for more information in coming Newsletters.

Finally, thank you to our teachers who have been working for a couple of weeks now preparing and organising their rooms and lessons in preparation for the year ahead. I trust you have enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable break with your family and friends and, like me, are now ready to embrace the year ahead.

2014 Staff

Strong home/school links and partnerships between parents, teachers and students are essential to create the best possible learning environment for each student.  We have an excellent staff in place this year who aim to work with you to maximise your child/s learning and development.  Should you have any queries throughout the year please feel welcome to contact with your child’s teacher to make an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time.  

2014 Staff - Arrangements and roles are as follows:

Prep V – Miss Amber Vink

Prep Y – Mrs Natalie Yencken

Year 1/2 A –  Miss Suzie Alev

Year 1/2 HM – Mrs Michelle Hayward & Miss Lauren McKenna

Year 1/2 S – Mrs Anne St Claire

Year 3/4 V – Miss Lisa Veitch

Year 3/4 B – Miss Caisha Barnes

Year 3/4 M – Miss Ashton McDermott

Year 5/6 T – Mrs Jodi Tate

Year 5/6 B – Mrs Kim Bennett

Year 5/6 G – Mr Marty Gill

Visual Arts – Miss Lauren McKenna

Performing Arts, Early Literacy Intervention & Reading Recovery – Mrs Jane Shaw  

Assistant Principal, Program for Students with Disabilities, Physical Education and Sport – Mr Anthony King

German – Frau Helena Salles

Mandarin Mrs Zi Ling Liu and Mrs Hannah Guo

Instrumental Music  Mr Doug Lewis, Mrs Janet Ernst, Mr Daniel Moldrich, Ms Anna Ng

Education Support Staff (Integration and Learning Support) – Mrs Dot Tang, Mrs Trish Neilson, Mrs Allison McNamara

Education Support Staff (Administration) – Mrs Maureen Perry, Mrs Jenny Jefferson

IT Support – Mr Peter Niforas

Principal – Mr Steve Richardson