Values Education

The development of our core school values was a collaborative and inclusive process which involved the entire school community. Initially our staff, school council and student leaders worked through a process to review our original school values and develop a short list of new values to reflect the standards and principles valued by our present school community. Parents were surveyed for further input and teachers worked with their students to gain further insight into the ideals they valued.
An exhibit was made of the short list of values and displayed in the school administration area, further discussion in focus groups took place and eventually a vote was held so the school community could indicate their preferences.  The Leadership Team and School Council then carefully considered the information collected from staff, parents and students to determine our school values.
After much consideration and discussion the following values were chosen:
Respect - Consider others, their property and the environment
Responsibility – Be reliable, resourceful and own your actions
Honesty and Integrity - Be fair and trustworthy
Commitment – Persist, give your best and bounce back
Whilst we acknowledge that these are not the only important values we think they capture the essence of what the whole school community has indicated is most important for us. We have tried to use language we think the children will be able to understand and which we can build upon using visual and concrete examples.